Important Basics on Major Custom Box Folding Styles You Need to Know Now!

These days, there is a wide array of customized folding cartons available in the market. No matter what kind of style or design you want, you can get it easily according to your particular requirements. Below is a list of some of the major and most commonly used box styles that are manufactured. Read on and explore your options.

Straight Tuck End

In this kind of box, the bottom and top closure panels tuck right from rear to front or even from front to rear. It is ideal for the products that need paper box with window in front display panel. STE is basically used in most of the categories including in the manufacturing of custom boxes wholesale, custom software boxes, custom retail boxes, toy boxes, and so forth.

Reverse Tuck End

The top closure, in RTE box, hinges off front panel and gets tucked to rear. On contrary, bottom closure hinges off rear and tucks to front. This box style is ideal for the custom cosmetic boxes as it offers more finished appearance as well as better opportunities for graphic design.

Tuck End Boxes

These boxes are quite easier to fold. They are pre-glued from bottom area and both the sides as well. The size, shape, design, color, and all such aspects needs to be specified by you to make sure that it adds more value to your brand.

Seal end boxes

These are the most unique packaging boxes that come in various customized size, colors, designs, and shapes. There are specialized packaging equipment that are used for opening and filling up the boxes.  This type of automated packaging is used in loading customized food boxes, medical boxes, retail boxes, etc.

Sleeve boxes

Sleeve is commonly used as slip on cover on tray or even directly on product. It can turn out to be a cheaper option among other styles of boxing. This kind of style allows you to view the product from each of the sides. For instance, you can view it from top and bottom as well as from sides. They are ideal for custom medical boxes, retail boxes, software boxes, and so forth.

Dispenser box style

This kind of packaging allows the product to be dispensed in convenient and hassle-free manner. Sometimes, it even comes with opening tray which is present at bottom of package. Just like other kinds of packaging, this style too can be used for retail packaging, food packaging, candy bar packaging, etc.

So now you have already got your basics cleared in terms of different box styles. So, what are you waiting for? Identify your packaging requirements and get it done right away!