What are the Top Ways to Buy Bitcoins Using Cash?

Looking at the impressive results of bitcoin investment, more and more people are considering it as a potential investment instrument. If you are interested in buying Bitcoin but do not know the right way to invest in it, read this article. We will tell you top ways in which you can invest in bitcoin via cash.

Reasons to buy Bitcoin via cash

There can be several reasons to purchase Bitcoin with cash. One of the major reasons is that people prefer to remain anonymous. Bitcoin allows untraceable transactions. Others wish to invest in Bitcoin through cash as they have fear of getting their account information exposed to hackers when used electronic data transfer.

Cryptalker is a leading platform to get all the necessary information in relation to buying bitcoins and investing in cryptocurrencies.

Ways to purchase Bitcoin for Cash

Below are listed top ways for people to invest their cash in BitCoin:

Local Bitcoins

Local Bitcoins acts as an intermediate that enables people to purchase and sell Bitcoin to other people. It matches people on the basis of their location, and also provides them quotes that specify quantities, and price of Bitcoins available at each seller. Individuals need to arrange meetings, with the seller by themselves.

Bit Quick

This platform enables matches between sellers and buyers. It functions more like a place for bitcoin exchange. Sellers can place their Bitcoin into escrow. Buyers can deposit their funds so that the seller can obtain it and provide them calculate number of Bitcoins.

When the buyer receives bitcoins and the seller account gets credited with the funds, the transaction gets completed. The buyer gets proof regarding this deposit.

Wall of Coins

This platform also acts as an intermediary that brings sellers and buyers to one place so as to facilitate the Bitcoin trade. Wall of Coins platform charges fee to provide this service and also include valuable features such as a live chat, a toll-free customer service to allure first-time buyers.


LibertyX is like an exchange that directs users to any affiliated retail location on the basis of the zip code. The entire transfer and payment happen at the retail site that enhances personal security.


Bitcoin is viewed as an electronic world of cryptocurrencies that is expanding at a vast rate. Diversifying your portfolio and holding your investment for at least a decade can bring rewarding returns. These are the simple ways by which you can buy Bitcoin through cash.