What to Consider Before Ordering Labels & Stickers

When choosing a print label company for your business, it is vitally important to do research. The label on your product or design of your signage is the first thing potential customers see. If it does not look first-class, you immediately make a bad first impression. You will need quality stickers and labels that hold their visual appeal and stay on the surface they are designed for.

Search Engines

The easiest place to start when looking for a sticker shop in Ladprao (known as ร้านสติ๊กเกอร์ลาดพร้าว in Thai) or any other type of business in Bangkok is online. Type some key phrases into Google and see what results you are presented with. Once you find a few businesses in your area, the next step is to look for reviews and referrals. You’ll find plenty of information online, including posts from previous clients. Look for companies with solid reviews and good ratings. When assessing a company online, keep an open mind, some bad reviews are petty while others hold weight.

Quality Customer Care

Customer service is vitally important, especially if you are going to be working with a printing company for an extended period. Get in touch with the company you plan on working with and discuss your needs. Then let them assess that information and see what they come back to you with. If their response is poor or they are slow getting back to you, it is time to look for another printing business. A good company will be quick to respond, knowledgeable and friendly.


Although you should base your entire decision on the cost of the labels, it is an important factor to consider. You shouldn’t try and save some money by sacrificing the quality of your product. Your company is judged on everything it puts out, including the sticker labels on your products. Before you make an order, ask to look at a variety of their samples.

From Order Placement to Delivery

Turnaround time is always crucial when it comes to business, when choosing a printing company, make sure they can deliver your products on time. It should be as easy as a few clicks and your labels are on the way.

You should always look for referrals from people you know, such as friends, family, and trusted business associates. When choosing a printing company, always try to find one that has been in the industry for many years. They should be offering high-quality products at a reasonable rate.